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    About Bartlett Lake Bash!
    You! ...without you there would be no Bash! (grin)
    ...this event is not sponsored by anyone or any company and is kept alive by you! You're completely on your own at this event. The event is for Gay men and Lesbians however anyone is welcome. The event is open to the public and there is no cost since you will be responsible for yourself and all expenses, such as your camping permit or any costs involved in camping at the lake. Basically everyone is on their own camping and must bring their own camping supplies; however many people offer to share breakfast and meals. Also most people share their boats and jet ski's as well.

    Bartlett Lake Bash was started many years ago by gay men and lesbians who wanted to meet at the Lake. Bartlett was the closest and it was the first lake selected and has now become a tradition!

    Although this event is free, it's not free to camp in the Tonto National Forest you will need to buy a $6.00 pass if you are staying over night at the lake, click on the following link to find out where to buy a pass, enter the city where you live.
    CLICK HERE If you don't want to go to a store to buy a pass, you can now buy online.

    (for a history on Bartlett Lake Bash, see below)


    Need Directions??? CLICK HERE! Bartlett Lake of course is always at Bartlett Flats, (go past SB Cove) and it' easy to find once you are at the lake, look for the Rainbow flags. See the map below to find Bartlet Lake once you reach the lake following the signs to Bartlett Flats and also watch for gay flags too. YOU WILL NEED
    A Tonto Forest Pass. CLICK HERE!

    Located 45 minutes north of downtown Phoenix on beautiful Bartlett Lake in the heart of the Tonto National Forest.  Near the Bartlett Flats is Bartlett Lake Marina Bartlett Lake Marina's  atmosphere has beautiful surroundings making it a wonderful location for your friends and family to enjoy and have an unforgettable Arizona day on the water.  Bartlett Lake is the second largest lake in the Phoenix Metro Valley area, with boatable surface area of 2,815 acres - more than Canyon Lake and Saguaro Lake, combined. People say how much "less crazy" Bartlett Lake is over other popular valley lakes. Join us at Bartlett Lake for a stress-free day with your friends on the water!

    We get together and camp at the lake every 3rd weekend of May and September. Although sometimes the event dates are changed because of holidays or issues with the lake; such as the water being too low. You can stay the entire weekend or only one night it is up to you, many people stay Friday and Saturday and then head back sunday morning or evening but you will need a pass for each day you stay at the late. Passes are required if you stop and camp, even if you're not saying over for the nite, if you are only driving by and site seeing then a pass is not required.

    This is a great time to hook up with friends or make new friends. It's a great place to relax and unwind if you are feeling stressed from work or just need a break or to work on that tan line.

    Barlett Lake Bash originally started around 1991 by customers of Apollo's lounge and the original owners of the bar who wanted to go to the lake and have a great time. The Apollo's bar was eventually sold and purchased by new owners who sometimes can be seen attending the event as well as the original owners.  The original owners loved camping and going to the lake a lot and were very gracious in sharing their boat they would bring their boat along with huge gallons of gasoline to share with everyone. They were all around easy going great guys!

    Eventually the months of May & September were selected as the best times to go to the lake and those dates have stuck even to this day.

    Although the event idea originally started with only a few customers from Apollo's, it's still alive today because of "word of mouth" because of YOU and because guys love to go to the lake and boat, ski, drink (grin) and just hang-out together and camp.  We owe the original customers and owners of Apollo's a great deal of thanks for coming up with the idea of having a camp out at the lake!

    In May of 2005, the website www.BartlettLakeBash.com was created to help keep the event alive. The site allows Bartlett Lake Bash Camper's to get to know each other and discuss the event and much more, before going to the lake!




If you're coming to Arizona to visit; this a great way to meet people; however keep in mind this is CAMPING; so you'll need to have everything you need to camp; or make friends with someone online and join their camp.

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Call up your friends; okay we don't actually speak to people on the phone anymore instead I mean TEXT your friends LOL. Many people don't know about this really fun event!

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GIFTING is a fun part at the lake; sharing your boat; it's a great way to meet new friends. Also if you can help out by pulling a boat to shore; or loaning someone a hammer or flashight that is a good thing and a great gift! Hugs are great too. LOL

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Help to keep this website up and running; many people do use Facebook so this is the only way they find out about the event. You can help support the cost of the site by buying some really cool stuff online at www.BurnerSupplies.com which will also help to keep this site running. Do you need a TENT, Camping Lights or Stove? CLICK HERE TO GO SHOPPING FOR CAMPING SUPPLIES AND FUN STUFF!!!

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